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As most of you probably know, I live in Switzerland. My boyfriend and I moved here in January and until now we’ve been living in a small temporary apartment. The search for a real permanent apartment hasn’t been easy, but after two months of literally daily searching (and visiting, and comparing, and applying, and competing, and being rejected) we finally managed to find a place. Today is our last day here in Lutry, and then we’re moving to our new apartment in Épalinges. And we’re so excited! Finally we’ll have more space again! No more working and eating at the same tiny table, no more sleeping on a bed in the living room, no more miniature kitchen with only two cooking plates, no more fridge that can barely hold a cup of yoghurt and a bottle of water,… Woohoo! Not only will our new apartment be bigger, but it’s also brand new. I already look forward to decorating the place and I can feel the design desire starting to itch!

Dog Waving Goodbye from Gate

But (of course there has to be a but to the story) we will definitely miss the beautiful location here in Lutry. We live at less than 300 metres from Lake Geneva here, and the French Alps are literally right in front of our nose. It’s just incredible. It’s like a little piece of heaven. Our little apartment here is small, but it is located in an amazing environment and we’ve really enjoyed living here. The place we’re moving to now sits on the mountain and is 800 metres higher than Lutry, and so the environment is a lot different. No more lake and no more beach, but forests and a lot more snow in winter instead. Different, but also really nice, especially for snow lovers and hikers like us. And if we hop in the car we’ll be at Lake Geneva in no time, so the water will never be far away.

Anyway, time to stop talking, to get back to packing, and to say goodbye. I am taking a little blog break during the move. I don’t know when I’ll be back exactly, and it all depends on how easily we get settled and how soon our internet will be up. But I hope to keep the break down to a week and to be back in the week of July 8. I will keep you updated. In the meantime, stay gorgeous, and enjoy a few pictures of beautiful Lutry with me!


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173 thoughts on “Personal | Moving & blog break

  1. Oh jeeez Lutry is GORGEOUS! So happy to hear that you and the boyfriend found a place – you must be relieved that the search is over. Thanks so much for sharing those amazing pics and good luck with the move!

  2. Hell yes, I know it can be so hard to find a nice apartment in Switzerland… But completely new and big sounds great! Wish you all the best and hope to see you around here soon! :*

  3. Wow, so pretty pictures.
    I hope you settle as fast as possible. I just moved into my new apartment yesterday and today. I’m totally exhaustet and my legs and arms look like i have been hit by a car, which is also how my body feels.
    All the best for your moving and i hope to read you as soon as possible.

  4. Wauw dat is inderdaad wel echt een mooie plek zeg! Ik kan me voorstellen dat je even om moet schakelen straks maar daar zul je vast ook wel goed aarden :)
    Gefeliciteerd met jullie nieuwe plekje en heel erg veel succes met verhuizen!

  5. I love water, be it the sea or the lake, I just love the atmosphere, so I’d never move if I were you!:D But having all that snow in winter has it perks, no doubt. I hope the move won’t be too stressful and that you’ll both love and enjoy your new place, dear!


  6. Thos photos are amazing! I am so excited for you and even though I will miss reading all of your new posts for a little while, take as long as you need! Moving can be stressful but know that we all support you and will be so excited when you start up again <3

  7. Ooh wat een geweldige omgeving! Ik zou willen dat ik zo dicht bij de bergen kon wonen (zoals jij nu gaat doen) ik ben dol op skiën! Heel veel succes met de verhuizing en het settelen!


  8. Pretty pictures ^^ good luck with the move <3

    I'm holding an international giveaway on my blog, dear!
    Win an item on you choice from Persunmall :D
    I hope that you can join in too!
    Thank you very much !


  9. Wishing you the best with your move and we look forward to your return to blogging. I know how hard it can be to find an apartment. I had the same problem late last year. I’m really pleased that everything worked out for you now.

  10. i am happy for you that you could find a new apartment :-))
    i wish you good luck for your move :-) hopefully you will be back soon ♥


  11. Oh my goodness you can see the French alps?? Sometimes (though I love America), I think other countries are so much more exciting. :) I’m 32 and have yet to fulfill my travel dreams! Argh!!! BEAUTIFUL pictures and congrats and moving out of the tiny place into your new apartment! And you look beautiful in that last pic. Definitely a good way to say goodbye to such a beautiful place.

  12. Oh I can’t even express how much I envy you! My husband and I have been going to build a house for more than two years now, but we are perfectionists both, so plannig and considering everything is sooo time consuming. It just takes incredibly long. Plus both of as are very busy wih our jobs, and of course there are friends and family who we want to spend time with… Our current appartment is not bad, it’s really nice and the interior is exactly the way we like it and enjoy living in. But it is simply way too small… So congratulations to your new place! Hope you can enjoy moving and getting settled!

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