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Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow it’s *takes a deep breath* my birthday. I am turning 26. And I hate it. As a kid and as a teen I loved celebrating my birthday. And even in my early twenties I liked the idea of adding another year to my life. But around my 23rd birthday that all started to change. All of a sudden I didn’t think it was so great anymore to get older. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t great at all. That was in 2010. Now it’s three years later, tomorrow I am turning 26, and I am not a very happy camper.

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Twenty six. Ugh. That’s not old, of course not, but it’s not the number that scares me. It’s the realization that time goes by so fast. It seems only yesterday that I went to college in Louvain as a green 18-year-old. What if the jump from 26 to – oh help – 34 will go as fast as the one from 18 to 26? Not that life ends at 30, I know that. My parents (love you mommy and daddy) even say that the best is yet to come. But I love my life and I feel really good. I would do anything to hold on this this period in my life forever. I want to enjoy life and experience and see as many things as possible and even though I (hopefully) still have plenty of time to do all that, this annoying shit-this-is-all-going-way-too-fast feeling keeps on creeping up on me. No fun.

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Eternal life? Yes please!

And of course I wouldn’t mind staying like this physically forever either. Toned, slim and fit. No wrinkles or sore muscles. All healthy and energetic. Yep, if I could I would hit pause right now and stay forever young. But I can’t. And there’s no pill that will give you eternal youth either. Nor can I live forever as a vampire (oh Eric, bite me…). God dammit, can’t a girl get a break?

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If I were a vampire I could live forever…

What am I doing? This is ridiculous. No. I refuse to mope around on my birthday. There is no pause button and eternal life does not exist. So I gotta suck it up and live with it. I am turning 26 tomorrow. There. On to 27. I already got an amazing birthday present (a new camera!) from my sweet boyfriend, and tomorrow I’m going to pop a bottle of champagne and cook up something nice. Happy birthday to me? Meh, to hell with it, why not. I am going to make the best of it…!


237 thoughts on “Personal | Happy (?) birthday to me

  1. i really understand you. I’m 17 and now I love celebrating my bday but i know that in future it will change. 26 is not old but I don’t want to be an adult, have 30 years od… it’s scary ;) by the way, happy bday:)

  2. Totally know what you mean here. When I turned 12, I sat down and realized… wow. I’m old. I’m 22 now and I still think that I’m old but I know I have so many opportunities and so much life ahead of me to live! The best way to waste it is to sit around moping about missed opportunities while missing more.

  3. Alsnog gefeliciteerd…en bedankt voor je reactie
    Ik zie ook over 4 jaar de 30…what the hell ..Gaat zo verschrikkelijk snel.(rijmt hihi)..

    New blogpost: blog of the month

  4. Alsnog een dikke vette proficiat!! Wat heb je gekookt, iets speciaals voor je b-day? Ben zo blij dat true blood weer is begonnen. je ziet er trouwens gorgeous uit als Fanger daar zou Eric zo zijn tanden in zetten ;-) !

      • haha same here wat Eric betreft ;-) wat een lekker ding is dat he. Misschien leuk om je gerecht eens te delen? Ben dol op Italian food!

  5. I turned 33 this year and honestly, I’ve given up worrying about getting older. It really bothered me when I was hitting 26-29 and could no longer be considered early to mid 20s. All of my friends felt the same way. But honestly, 30 was one of the best years for me, and I have to say that I continue to grow and learn new things every day, and though I wouldn’t mind being slimmer (um…who wouldn’t?!) like I was, I wouldn’t trade my peace of mind and contentment that I have now for anything. It’s hard when you realize pretty soon people won’t consider you a youngin’, but the important thing to keep in mind is you are only as old as you feel – it’s so true! If you continue living energetically and athletically, you will continue to feel and look wonderful. As a sidenote, I never understood why any woman lied about her age by claiming to be younger than reality. The way to go is to add 10-15 years when you lie about your age! People will be shocked at what a gorgeous and glam 42 yr old you are! This is my plan, at least! ;)

    Happy birthday, beautiful!

  6. Oh, girl, this sounds saaad… no matter, I although say Happy Birthday to you and hope you though enjoyed the day… and the champagne :-)! And don´t forget: It is a proven fact, that your body will get older a lot slower when you exercise and live a healthy lifestyle!

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