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While 95% of bloggers have already done the And that’s who I am tag, I am with the 5% that hasn’t yet and is probably wondering if it’s lame to still do it now that the hype seems to be almost over. My first thought was: “Nah, too many people have done it already and I’ll probably get slapped if I shove the tag in people’s faces again for the gazillionth time.’’ But because I personally still really like the tag, I decided to go for it. Out of the many many fun and fitting images out there I selected ten that I think describe me well. This is who I am!

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I overthink. I overthink everything, often even the most ridiculous and futile things. That is why I constantly worry about stuff, often unnecessarily.

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I fell in love young. I was 14 going on 15 when I met my boyfriend. I am almost 26 now, and after more than 10 years I am still deeply in love with him.

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I obsess about everything. When I do something, I really go for it and I don’t let it go. I tend to turn every interest and hobby into a project.

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I love chocolate. Most of the time I eat very healthily and I don’t really care for cookies and pastries. But chocolate, that I cannot resist. I am a real chocoholic. I eat a piece almost every day. My motto? ‘’Melissa doesn’t share chocolate!’’ and ‘’Step away from the chocolate and no one gets hurt.’’

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I am a dreamer. I have a lot of imagination and I also have lots of dreams, some more realistic than others. In my head I can escape to a whole different world where anything is possible. And in that world I am the coolest, most amazing and most successful chick around of course ;-)

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I laugh at my own jokes. And why shouldn’t I? Funny is my middle name! Amirite!? No…? Oh…

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I really love animals. I’m a big animal lover. My heart melts when I see a dog (standard reaction: ‘’Awwww, it’s a dooooggyyy!’’) and you’ll never see me killing a spider. I’ve also been a vegetarian for almost ten years now. I like to see cows and piggies in the field, not on my plate.

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I care about what I look like. Make-up and beauty are my passion and so I guess it’s only normal that I spend a lot of time on my appearance. I think it’s important to look good and I try to look my best every day. You could definitely call me beauty addicted.

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I’m good with words. I love to write, always have. Writing and blogging are my creative outlet, and I love playing with language and with words.

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I’m not sure what I want. I started my college years in Louvain as a student in biomedical science. I wanted to become a vet. Then I went to study French, English and history. And in 2011 I took classes to become a make-up artist. I’ve worked at a translation agency, a leasing company, a secondary school, and as a self-employed make-up artist. So yeah, what is it that I really want? I don’t know. I know I’d love to turn my passion, writing and beauty, into a job. But that’s not so easy.

And you, have you done the And that’s who I am tag yet? Do you recognize yourself in some of my descriptions?

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