Review | Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Shampoo, Balsam-Spülung, Aufbau & Schutz Kur and Intensiv Butter-Kur

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A while ago I decided that it was time to literally put an end to my split ends, and so I got a haircut. Afterwards I started using four products from Guhl’s Tiefen Aufbau line (in Dutch Rijke Voeding and in English Deep Repair line) to prevent me from getting split ends again. Today six weeks have passed and I am ready to pass my judgement!

Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Shampoo | Rijke Voeding Shampoo

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Guhl’s Tiefen Aufbau shampoo repairs the hair from within, fills in the damaged parts and conditions the hair with lipids. This results in less breakage and noticeably healthier-looking hair. That was the promise. My hair wasn’t really damaged to begin with (except for the split ends) and so I can’t really judge the repairing effect of this shampoo, but I do notice that the shampoo makes my hair really soft and that it adds lots of shine. The products from the Tiefen Aufbau line are all gorgeously mother-of-pearl-colored and that must be what makes my hair look so healthy and shiny. Pretty!

Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Balsam-Spüling | Rijke Voeding Crème-Conditioner

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The Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Balsam-Spüling (Rijke Voeding Crème-Conditioner in Dutch, or Deep Repair Cream Conditioner in English) is a rich cream conditioner that regenerates and repairs the hair structure from within. It also protects the ends of the hair and makes the hair silky soft, supple and easy to comb through. Sounded good. And it really was. When I didn’t use this conditioner yet, I got split ends within a few weeks after getting my ends trimmed. But after my last haircut I started using the Tiefen Aufbau Balsam-Spülung and as far as I can tell my ends are still split-free! And it’s been six weeks now. This conditioner also detangles my fine tangly hair really well, so a lot less hair stays behind in my brush after combing it through. This is a keeper.

Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Aufbau & Schutz Kur | Rijke Voeding Daily Repair & Protect Crème

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This leave-in cream is intended for daily use and repairs the structure of the hair from deep within its core, resulting in smooth and supple locks. And it really does do that. It’s just that this leave-in cream is too heavy and rich for my fine hair. That is why I only use it once in a while before going to bed and then rinse it out again in the morning. If I don’t do it like that, the cream just makes my hair look oily and flat. So it’s not the right product for me personally, but I can imagine that people with dry and damaged hair will benefit a lot from this Guhl Aufbau & Schutz Kur.

Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Intensiv Butter-Kur | Rijke Voeding Deep Butter Masker

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This hair mask protects your hair against split ends and promises deep and intense repair. Once a week I treat my hair to this conditioning hair mask. The texture of it is really lovely: luxurious, thick, creamy… love it! I am convinced that this mask, in combination with the cream conditioner, is what has been keeping the ends of my hair in great condition for six weeks now.

The end verdict

I will definitely keep using the Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Intensiv Butter-Kur and the Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Balsam-Spülung. The mask and the cream conditioner both do what they promise and together they help me keep my hair really healthy. The Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Shampoo and the Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Balsam-Spülung are lovely products as well. Unfortunately both are a bit too rich and heavy for my fine hair, but I am sure they’d be perfect for dry and damaged hair.

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If you are looking for a line of hair care products that can help make dry and damaged hair look nice, soft and healthy again, or if you just want to keep your hair in great condition, then I definitely recommend Guhl’s Tiefen Aufbau products!

The shampoo and conditioner are both 5,29 euros. The leave-in treatment and the mask are 6,99 euros. For more info, visit the Guhl website.

Do you have split ends? What hair care products do you use to keep your hair healthy?

96 thoughts on “Review | Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Shampoo, Balsam-Spülung, Aufbau & Schutz Kur and Intensiv Butter-Kur

  1. Great review! So professional, I’m totally admiring you.
    I don’t have split ends now, but I used to have them when my hair was long. I used different products that worked very well: argan oil, and coconut oil as a mask (I used those on my hair and a swimming cap when I went swimming -that was 4 times per week- pool water is so harsh on hair!) and Used the Kerastase shampoo and conditionner, ciment something, can’t remember, it was a green bottle, and it was fantastic!

    • Aw, thank Nati, that is so sweet of you. You used to swim four times a week? Impressive! I can’t even swim one length properly, lol. Sounds like you took and take good care of your hair.

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