Glominerals review | Pressed Base, Sunlight Bronzer, Precision Eye Pencil, Eyeshadow & Dual Brow Brush

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I already gave you a little sneak peek of my new Glominerals products, but today it’s time for a closer look. Time for a make-up look slash review!

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Glominerals Pressed Base in Honey Light

A great make-up look starts with perfect skin. I often get complimented on my skin, but believe me when I say that my skin looks far from perfect when I crawl/roll/fall/get pushed out of bed in the morning. That is why good foundation is a must for me. I have been using only liquid foundation for about a year now, so it felt a bit awkward busting out my kabuki brush and working with powder foundation again. I am a creature of habit, so changes like these are always a bit tricky for me. But! I did it! Little applause, please? ;-) My thoughts on this foundation? If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight foundation with a super natural-looking finish, then one layer of this Glominerals Pressed Base will do. But if you don’t have perfect skin and have some redness and blemishes to hide, then you will need more than that. A lot more, actually. I think I applied four layers of this Pressed Base. That sounds bad, I know, but even with four layers my skin still looked very natural. If you try this with liquid foundation you will inevitably end up with a horrible cakey result, but this Glominerals powder is so light and fine that you can keep on building the coverage without it ever starting to look fake. Pretty amazing! I did notice that the powder made my skin slightly dry though, so make sure to moisturize well, even if you have combination skin like me.

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Retail price: 72 CHF (around 59 euro)

Glominerals Sunlight Bronzer

This bronzer has helped me to get over a big make-up fear of mine. I suffer from serious shine phobia (a mild form of discoballitis), so I always use matte bronzers. This Glominerals Sunlight Bronzer is slightly shimmery, though, and that worried me a little at first. But it turned out that my worries were completely unfounded, because the Sunlight bronzer gives my skin a healthy and very natural-looking sun-kissed glow that didn’t make me look shiny at all. When I look closely in the mirror I can see the shimmer, but the effect is very subtle and is not too much.

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Retail price: 62 CHF (around 51 euro)

Glominerals Precision Eye Pencil in Deep Olive

Today’s theme seems to be pushing boundaries. I normally always use black eye pencil, but my new Glominerals Precision Eye Pencil is olive green, and that was again a bit unusual for me. I applied the pencil on my lower waterline and lower lash line. I had to get used to the softer effect – black looks more intense – but I do like the result and I think that the dark olive green shade goes well with the brown of my eyes.

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Retail price: 29 CHF (around 24 euro)

Glominerals Eyeshadow in Sable

The first three products really had to prove themselves first to win my trust, but I immediately had faith in my new Glominerals eyeshadow. From the second I saw it I knew that this eyeshadow would be right up my alley: black, matte, and in pressed powder form. That could only turn into a success. And indeed, I am very happy with this eyeshadow. Sable is a gorgeous almost-black shade that doesn’t take a lot of building up to look intense. There is no fall-out whatsoever (yay!) and blending goes really smoothly (double yay!). I do notice that without a primer the eyeshadow tends to crease a little bit, but applying a good base underneath solves that problem. Dark smokey eyes are kind of my signature look, so it’s no surprise that this Glominerals Eyeshadow in Sable is already a new favorite of mine!

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Glominerals Precision Eye Pencil in Deep Olive on the lower lash line and waterline | Glominerals Eyeshadow in Sable on the eyelid

Retail price: 34 CHF (around 28 euro)

Glomineral Dual Brow Brush

Heave eye make-up calls for strong eyebrows, and that means shaping and filling them in. I used eyebrow powder and the Glominerals Dual Brow Brush to do this. The brush has a big and a small end that are both angled. The bigger end has very firm bristles and is perfect to really work in the powder. The smaller end has softer and more precise bristles and is perfect for detail work. This is my first real eyebrow pencil and I have to say that I am impressed! Doing my eyebrows has never been so easy and I am very happy with the result. This is a keeper!

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Retail price: 37 CHF (around 30 euro)

My first experience with Glominerals was a success! Next time I will review the Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte.

Do you like the look? Which of these Glominerals products do you like best?

116 thoughts on “Glominerals review | Pressed Base, Sunlight Bronzer, Precision Eye Pencil, Eyeshadow & Dual Brow Brush

  1. Hii :)

    To answer your question: I don’t own the original beauty blender, so I don’t know if it’s as good:) But I heard many girls on Youtoube saying, that they really like the dupe:)


  2. Yes! I suffer from the same “discoballitus”. The bronzer shade is gorgeous! I tried the glo-minerals powder foundation and had a bad reaction to it, I havnt brought myself to try anything else from the brand. But everything looks lovely as do you?

  3. I just bought a very similar pencil for eyes. I believe it was from Maybelline, but so similar to what you have. I am actually using it for my eyebrows, and really like the results. :-)

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