New in | Bee Venom products from Heaven skin care

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I am always excited when new products arrive, but when I received the products that I am writing about today I got rrrrrrreally excited. The clap-in-your-hands-and-bounce-around-the-house kind of excited! I am talking about eight Heaven products from Skin Organics. Heaven is a British innovative skin care line that became really popular in 2010 with its Bee Venom products. Heaven’s Bee Venom Mask and Bee Venom Eyes both contain natural bee venom and Heaven claims that the products have the same effect as botox. This makes the Bee Venom products a natural alternative for chemical anti-aging treatments. Now if that doesn’t get you excited… *starts clapping and bouncing around again* Kate Middleton and Dannii Minogue are already fans, and maybe soon I will be too. I am really excited to start using my new products. But first let’s have a closer look at the content of my package, because apart from the Bee Venom Mask and the Bee Venom Eyes I also got 6 other promising products from Heaven skin care:

New in (Heaven) (1)

New in (Heaven) (3)

New in (Heaven) (2)

- Heaven Bee Venom Mask: a natural and extremely concentrated face mask with bee venom that promises to banish fine lines and wrinkles and should instantly give you younger-looking skin.

- Heaven Bee Venom Eyes: the same principal as the Bee Venom Mask, but for the eye contour. It tightens and strengthens the muscles in that area and makes the skin look smoother.

- Heaven Age Defiance Moisturizer: an intensely hydrating moisturizer with tea tree oil to nourish and repair the skin and to protect it from aging and from pollutants.

- Heaven Overnight Success Moisturizer: a revitalizing night cream with rose, sandalwood, oxygen and carbon dioxide (*claps hands again*) that diminishes lines, smoothens the skin and evens out the skin tone.

- Heaven Deep Cleansing & Firming Mask: a hard-working mask with bentonite clay and jojoba oil to draw out impurities and toxins, for smooth clear skin.

- Heaven Limited Edition Cleansing Milk: an anti-aging cleanser that repairs, tightens and rejuvenates the skin.

- Heaven Orange Flower Cell Renewal toner: a toner with mild AHA to remove dead skin cells and to make the skin look smoother and more radiant.

- Heaven Skin Polish Exfoliator: a light non-aggressive exfoliating gel with fruit acid and echinacea to remove dead skin cells and toxins and aloe vera to soothe and refresh the skin.

Sounds pretty impressive, right? I am very excited about these products and I can’t wait to try them! Reviews coming soon!

What are your thoughts on the Bee Venom Mask and the Bee Venom Eyes? Did you already know the Heaven brand?

53 thoughts on “New in | Bee Venom products from Heaven skin care

  1. when i was a boy,reading magazines,i often feel excited about new beauty products,and if have a chance i would love to have a try,luckily,my skin is a good fit for any beauty products.

    thank you reading my blog,have a nice day,many kisses

  2. Ik kende het merk nog niet echt. Wel een keer over gehoord maar veder niks. De verpakking ziet er in iedergeval wel goed uit :) !

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