New in | Marionnaud exclusives review with Smashbox, Blumarine, Lollipops and Rodial

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My make-up stash has gotten a bit bigger again and that means it’s time for another new in, this time with products from Marionnaud. This perfumery chain sells all the big high end brands but also plenty of brands that you can only get at Marionnaud. Like many women I have a soft spot for things that are exclusive. ‘’Only available here? Want, want, want!’’ :-) Today I am showing you my six newest Marionnaud goodies, and I added a little review of all products. Enjoy!

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Click to enlarge | From left to right: Smashbox O-Gloss, Blumarine Innamorata, Lollipops Back to Basic Lipstick, Smashbox Megatint Longwear Lipcolor, Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand, Rodial Size Zero Daily Toning Body Moisturiser

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Click to enlarge | From left to right: Smashbox O-Gloss, Lollipops Back to Basics Lipstick, Smashbox Megatint Longwear Lipcolor

Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss

The Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss is a transparent lip gloss that adds a custom-made touch of pink to your lips. The goji berry complex in the gloss works intuitively and reacts to the natural color of your lips. This means that the effect of the gloss is different for everyone, but it always looks very natural. For a lovely my-lips-but-better effect! The O-Gloss turns my lips a pretty candy-like pink shade. Cute! And the squeeze tube is really convenient.

Sold exclusively at Marionnaud for 29 CHF.

Blumarine Immamorata Lovely Rose eau de parfum

Blumarine’s Innamorata Lovely Rose eau de parfum has top notes of lime, lemon, bergamot, raspberry and green apple, middle notes of rose, freesia and gardenia, and base notes of amber, cedar wood and musk. Sound good, right? I personally don’t recognize all the ingredients when I smell this perfume (is that even possible?) but I think that the scent is somewhere in the middle between fresh and floral. I think it’s a lovely romantic fragrance that’s perfect for summer.

Sold exclusively at Marionnaud, 48.90 CHF for 30 ml and 71.90 CHF for 50 ml.

Lollipops Back to Basic Lipstick in Jolie Poupée

The Lollipops Back to Basic Lipstick in Jolie Poupée is a gorgeous raspberry pink lipstick. I absolutely love the color. And there’s more about this lipstick that I love, because it doesn’t contain parabens, lanolin or conservants and it nourishes and hydrates my lips like a lip balm. And because the lipstick is so thin, it is super easy to use. Nothing but pros!

Sold exclusively at Marionnaud for 23.90 CHF. Available in 3 shades.

Smashbox Megatint Longwear Lipcolor in Whirl

The Megatint Longwear Lipcolor is a new Smashbox lipstick that promises to add intense color and to give hydration all day long. The shade I have is called Whirl and is a pretty matte pinkish red. The formula contains 40% water and so the lipstick actually feels slightly wet when you apply it.  Definitely a strange (but also pleasant) sensation! The color doesn’t last the promised 8 hours on me, but if I touch it up somewhere halfway during the afternoon and then again after dinner, I am good. Nice!

Sold exclusively at Marionnaud for 30 CHF. Available in 6 shades.

Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand in Pearl

Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand

Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand

Smashbox’s Halo Highlighting Wand is, like the name says, a highlighting pen. Most pen highlighters are quite small and precise, but as you can see this Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand is quite big boned ;-) The built-in brush is also quite large and that makes this highlighter perfect to highlight bigger areas with. I use it almost daily on my cheekbones for subtle slightly shimmery highlighting.

Sold exclusively at Marionnaud for 44 CHF. Available in 2 shades.

Rodial Size Zero daily toning body moisturiser

This new innovative body cream by Rodial promises to tone and remodel the skin thanks to its Pro-Svetyl, a highly active ingredient obtained from Indian lotus. This ingredient removes fat and water deposits under the skin and makes the skin look firmer and healthier. I have been using this body cream for about two weeks now and so far I am very happy with it. The Size Zero daily toning body moisturiser has a delicious rose and citrus scent and a lovely creamy texture. It also gets absorbed  really quick and does a great job keeping my skin moisturized. I think I still have to wait for the toning effect to kick in, but what I have seen so far makes me very optimistic!

Sold exclusively at Marionnaud for 79 CHF.

Which of these products do you like best? Do you have a soft spot for exclusive brands?

72 thoughts on “New in | Marionnaud exclusives review with Smashbox, Blumarine, Lollipops and Rodial

  1. That highlighting wand is pretty! Looks really easy to use, too. I don’t have too many Smashbox products but there are a handful that I’d love to try!

  2. Whoaa lucky you! I didn’t know Smashbox is available in Switzerland! I don’t think I’ve tried a highlighter pen, but it makes an awful lot of sense actually. Need to look into it when I’m back in Taipei this year (pretty sure we get Smashbox there)!

  3. Love the O-Gloss on you! So pretty! I’ve been curious about that for a while. I was thinking about trying the Dior balm that adjusts to a different color on everyone, but it’s mint flavored/scented which is a big turn-off for me! I guess I’m a weirdo b/c so many products are minty, so a lot of people must love it! LOL @ “big boned”! You are adorable.

  4. Oh these look all very interesting. I am very happy that Marionnaud carries out brands like this and I really enjoy shopping there. It looks that you had a real shopping spree haha! Rodial is one of my favorite skincare brands and I have a lot of face products but nothing for the body yet. Smashbox stuff are lovely I want to try out more of them for sure and I really like these lippies you bought.

  5. Oh no, I want the O gloss soooo bad now! :D Why didn’t I see this post earlier, when we had -20% off everything at Marionnaud.. D: What a pitty! But I will buy it next time! :D


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