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It’s the little things in life that make you happy. Like for example receiving a package that you were waiting for all week. Such a great feeling! I don’t know about you, but whenever that happens all of a sudden all those annoying bills and folders that are also in my mail box don’t bother me anymore. It happened again last week when I opened my mailbox and found my long-awaited Glominerals package. Yay! In all my enthusiasm I almost cut the tip of my index finger off while opening the box. Oops. And also ouch. But the pain disappeared quickly when I got to admire my new Glominerals goodies. Have a look!

New in (Glominerals) (1)

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New in (Glominerals) (2)

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- Glominerals Dual Brow Brush: a dual eyebrow brush to shape and fill in your eyebrows.

- Glominerals Precision Eye Pencil in Deep Olive: a dark olive green mineral pencil eyeliner.

-Glominerals Eyeshadow in Sable: a black pressed powder eyeshadow.

- Glominerals Sunlight Bronzer: a subtle shimmery bronzer for a healthy sun-kissed glow.

- Glominerals Pressed Base in in Honey Light, Honey Medium and Natural Medium: a compact powder foundation with a semi-matte finish. I wonder which of the three shades will be the best match for me.

I also received two samples of the Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte: one in Golden and the other in Golden Light. This foundation should be perfect for oily skin that needs to be mattified. Interesting!

New in (Glominerals) (3)


These are my very first Glominerals products and I can’t wait to try them. What I have read about Glominerals so far sounds pretty good. The brand has over 60 years of experience and uses only the best high-quality ingredients. Glominerals products are full of anti-oxidants like vitamin A, C and E and green tea extract that nourish and protect the skin. And they all have UVA and UVB protection. And there’s more, because Glominerals make-up is also anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic and anti-allergic. In other words perfect for sensitive and impure skin. And last but not least: the brand doesn’t test on animals. Like I said, sounds pretty good!

I really look forward to trying my new Glominerals products. The review and look are coming soon!

Did you already know Glominerals? Which of these products are you most interested in?

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57 thoughts on “New in | Glominerals make-up

  1. Nee, onbekend. Wat heb je trouwens met je vinger gedaan? Een nagel pijnlijk gebroken? :( Ik ben wel op zoek naar ‘het perfecte wenkbrauwpoeder’ dus als je daar nog tips voor hebt, hoor ik het graag!

    • Je weet hoe belachelijk goed die dozen van pakketjes altijd dichtgeplakt zijn, eh? Wel, ik ga zo’n doos altijd te lijf met een schaar. Maar deze keer was ik dus iets te enthousiast, en ik hakte los op mijn vinger in met de schaar. Met een grote diepe snee als gevolg. Dom, dom, dom!

  2. Awww I’m so sorry to hear about your finger! Out of sheer curiosity, are you left-handed (I’m asking just because the wound is on your right hand. I’m right-handed and if I cut myself chances are it’d be my left hand)?

    • Damn Sunny, what is this, CSI?? ;-) I am actually right-handed. I didn’t give it much thought until I read your little observation report here, but yeah, it is kind of weird that I used my left hand to cut open that box (and my right finger, lol).

      • LOL sorry! I guess I have a weird fondness for left-handed people so I pay attention to strange stuff like that (not that I like you less now that I know you’re not left-handed tho, just to be clear)! Never manipulate a sharp tool with your off hand, girl! You saw what happened :p

  3. Oh, poor little finger! hope it doesn’t hurt too much.
    I’m so curious about this products, I never heard of the brand before and all the info you gave sound promising! Would really love to see these babies in action!

  4. Oef, pijnlijk van je wijsvinger! Gelukkig maken de spulletjes het enigszins goed ;) Ze zien er erg mooi uit allemaal, stuk voor stuk!

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