Review | Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil

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If there’s one make-up product that I cannot live without, it’s eyeliner. Seriously, if you would send me to a deserted island and would let me take only one product (you’re so cruel) then it would be a black eye pencil. Now why would you bother wearing eyeliner if you’re going to be all alone on your deserted island anyway, you ask? Well, I just feel naked without a bit of eyeliner on. And I don’t feel comfortable getting naked, whether there are people around or not. Plus, you never know what might happen. What if a cruise ship full of hot guys got shipwrecked right before my island? The Hottest Hunks 2013 Cruise Tour or something. Or even better, what if I suddenly got an unexpected visit from George Clooney, sailing around on his private yacht with his homies Ian Somerhalder, Justin Timberlake and Alexander Skarsgard, looking for a nice place for a beach barbecue? Myeah… what if… *swoon*

But enough with the fantasizing, back to what this is really about: eye pencil. Like I said, a good eye pencil is an absolute make-up must-have for me and I find the quality an eye pencil very important. Today I am reviewing the Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil. Did it pass Ian’s chest, errr, I mean my test? Let’s find out!

What is it?

The name says it all: Pupa’s Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil is an eye pencil that you can use in different ways. You can use it as kajal, as eyeliner or as an eyeshadow base, for example for smokey eyes. And it promises to be long-wearing and waterproof. Sounds promising!

Review (Pupa Multi-Purpose Eye Pencil) (5)

Color and pigmentation

The Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil comes in different colors, but mine is black. Very black! The color intensity is really good and the color is really deep. In comparison with other of my eye pencils the Pupa eye pencil looks a lot blacker, and that’s how I like it. The blacker the better. I like powerful looks and eyes that draw the attention, and this eye pencil gives me just that. Nice!

Review (Pupa Multi-Purpose Eye Pencil) (2)

top: Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil | bottom: ‘unidentified’ waterproof eye pencil ;-)

Texture and application

The eye pencil has a creamy texture and is easy to apply. It really glides on your skin. Great, because if there’s one thing I don’t like it’s a stubborn eye pencil that won’t cooperate. Usually I smudge my eye pencil a bit with a precision brush instead of with the built-in smudger that often comes with an eye pencil. I do that because a brush is softer and doesn’t irritate my skin and eyes as much. But Pupa’s built-in smudger works just as well, and I have to admit that it is actually quite soft.

Review (Pupa Multi-Purpose Eye Pencil) (4)


The wear of this Multiplay eye pencil is great. The promise was that the pencil would be waterproof, and it really is. I took a steaming hot shower for about half an hour, wearing a full face of make-up. I think that after less than five minutes my foundation, blush and lipstick were already somewhere halfway the local water cleaning station, but my eyeliner didn’t budge. And the swatch on my arm passed the shower test as well. Now of course no eye pencil survives this kind of test perfectly. Not even a waterproof eye pencil. So the Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil’s color did get a little less intense and faded a little bit. But then again, who steps in the shower in full make-up expecting to come out all picture perfect? Exactly, no one. The important thing is that the Pupa Multiplay eye pencil didn’t start running down my face turning me into some psycho panda lady and that it kept its color intensity quite well. This eye pencil will definitely survive a rain shower or a sweaty gym session, I am certain of that. Bravo!

Review (Pupa Multi-Purpose Eye Pencil) (3)

top: Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil, after 30 minutes in the shower (no rubbing) | bottom: unidentified waterproof eye pencil, after 30 minutes in the shower (no rubbing)

Multiplay Triple-Purpose?

I really love how the Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil looks on my waterline, and that’s also where I use it most often. It looks intensely black and is definitely waterproof. And it also looks very good as eyeliner. I don’t often use this eye pencil as an eyeshadow base, but that’s mainly because of my treat-your-eyelids-with-care obsession and the fact that I never really use eye pencil as a basis for my smokey eyes anyway. I know, I am such a rebel ;-)

Review (Pupa Multi-Purpose Eye Pencil) (1)

Click to enlarge | Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil on my lower waterline, along my upper lash line, and as an eyeshadow basis underneath MAC’s Carbon eyeshadow.


The Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil is a high-quality deep black eye pencil that will stay put all day, both on your waterline and on your lash line. And it makes a great eyeshadow base as well. So if you are looking for a versatile eye pencil you will definitely like Pupa’s Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil. If I ever get banned to a deserted island, I am taking this eye pencil with me. George, Ian, Justin, Alexander, I am ready!

The Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose eye pencil is available in 14 shades in’s webshop and costs 12,25 euros.

Can you live without black eye pencil? What is your number one must-have make-up product?

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  1. That is very black *_* wow. I don#T know pupa. I never hear und read it. I love my black kajals from Jade Maybeline. It’s very black too :)

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