Make-up tutorial | Full dark eyebrows with e.l.f.’s Eyebrow Kit

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You can’t get around it: full dark eyebrows are one of 2013’s hottest beauty trends. So forget about thin drawn on eyebrows and instead go for full statement brows à la Cara Delevingne. On the catwalks the full eyebrow trend is often taken to the extreme and on the runways you will see lots of exaggerated versions that would – lame joke alert – raise many eyebrows in real-life. Yeah, I did that on purpose >:-) But the toned-down version of this catwalk trend is very wearable and can look really beautiful. Just look at Hayden Panettiere and Keira Knightley for example. Full dark eyebrows add character to your face and give you a strong, powerful look. And because I am already blessed with a good set of dark eyebrows, I can only be happy with this trend.

Make-up tutorial (full dark eyebrows with elf) (2)

Click to enlarge | left: Cara Delevingne, the hottest new it-model | middle: make-up for Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2013 runway show | right: Hayden Panettiere at the 2013 Golden Globes

Today I am showing you step by step how to outline, shape and fill in your eyebrows to create perfect full eyebrows.

The products

Many people use an eyebrow pencil on their eyebrows, but I personally prefer using wax and powder to create a softer and more natural look. That’s why I like working with e.l.f.’s Eyebrow Kit. This palette contains an eyebrow wax that is used to outline and shape your brows, and a powder that is used to set the wax and fill in your brows. The palette comes in four shades, ranging from light to dark. I personally use the e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Dark because my eyebrows are black. But even if you have light eyebrows you can choose a darker-colored palette: going a shade darker than your natural eyebrow color is totally on-trend in 2013.

Make-up tutorial (full dark eyebrows with elf) (3)

Click to enlarge | left: e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Dark | right: e.l.f. professional brow comb & brush – e.l.f. small angled brush – e.l.f. small smudge brush

The tools

- e.l.f. professional brow comb & brush: an eyebrow comb and brush to comb your brows into shape.

- e.l.f. small angled brush: a fine angled brush that is normally used to apply eyeliner, but that also makes a great eyebrow brush.

- e.l.f. small smudge brush: a rounded precision brush for detail work that can also be used to fill in your eyebrows.

The shape

Feel free to pick any shape you want for your eyebrows, but if you want to keep it looking natural I suggest you use your natural shape as a basis and don’t stray too far away from that. If you have a sharp angle, then keep that. Are your eyebrows more rounded and softer? Then don’t try to change that too much.

Make-up tutorial (full dark eyebrows with elf) (4)

Click to enlarge | Step 1: Comb or brush your eyebrows into shape.

Start off by combing your brows into shape. This is especially useful if you have wild unruly eyebrows like I do. I use e.l.f.’s brow comb for this. It puts all the hairs more or less into place and makes it a lot easier to determine the natural shape of the eyebrows, and that is really important for when you start defining and outlining the contours.

The contours

Make-up tutorial (full dark eyebrows with elf) (5)

Click to enlarge | Step 2: Outline the contours of your eyebrows.

Now this is where it gets serious. Use the angled brush and the eyebrow wax to outline the contours of your eyebrows. Start at the bottom inner corner and work your way to the tip. I personally like drawing short strokes instead of one smooth line because I think it looks more natural. Do the same at the top. Now connect the bottom and the top of your brow at its starting point. You can make the starting point rounded or make it go straight up, that is completely up to you. The latter gives you a strong look and is very on-trend, but beware, because it can also look a bit harsh. A rounded starting point looks softer and more feminine. Make the tip of your eyebrows as thin as possible. If you feel your eyebrows are a bit too short, then just draw the tip a bit further than where it would naturally end.

The filling in

Make-up tutorial (full dark eyebrows with elf) (6)

Click to enlarge | Step 3: Fill in any bald or sparse spots, fixate the eyebrow wax and add color. See the difference between left and right?

We’re almost there. Use the wax to fill in any bald or sparse spots in your eyebrows. Once the contours are nicely defined and all the bald spots are filled in, it’s time to set the wax and to add the finishing touches. Use the eyebrow powder and a fine precision brush for this. Just go over the hairs in the direction of the hair growth using small short strokes. Make sure the powder doesn’t just sit on top of the hairs but really gets between them. This gives the nicest and fullest result. And make sure to stay within the contours you defined earlier.

And that’s it, you are done! If you have stubborn eyebrows like me, you can add an extra final step and apply an eyebrow fixing gel to keep everything in place. That way you will get to show off your perfect trendy full brows all day long. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Make-up tutorial (full dark eyebrows with elf) (1)The e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit, the e.l.f. professional brow comb & brush, the e.l.f. small angled brush and the e.l.f. small smudge brush are all available in the e.l.f. webshop.

What do you think of the full eyebrow trend?

126 thoughts on “Make-up tutorial | Full dark eyebrows with e.l.f.’s Eyebrow Kit

  1. I am completly crazy about this trend even if my eyebrows are already pretty full I still use make up on it (pencil)! I definitely gonna try the wax and pounder!


    Julia from

  2. Wenkbrauwen zijn de kapstok van het gezicht zeggen ze altijd. Ik ga de deur niet uit zonder ze bij te tekenen. Normaal gebruik ik de benefit brow kit, maar deze is nogal duur. De ELF eyebrow kit ziet er wel heel goed uit, dus ik denk dat ik deze volgende keer maar eens ga gebruiken, net iets goedkoper dan Benefit :).
    Leuke post!


  3. Wow, I might have to invest in this kit. I always have trouble filling in my brows but your tutorial has given me some great hints thanks :)

  4. You have such beautiful dark eyes, and the strong brows make them pop even more! I loved this tutorial! I have the elf brow kit and love it, but I’m only just getting familiar with filling in my brows! I have light eyebrows and whenever I fill them in, it looks CRAZY to me b/c it’s just such a change from the norm (kind of like when this clear lip balm devotee wears bright lipstick)! But I’m starting to like it more on me. I LOVE it on other people! Thanks for this tutorial, it’s definitely something I can put to use! :)

  5. Is it true that you are supposed to line the tip (or the ending point) of the brow at an angle with the end of your eye? I’ve been checking out ways to do brows and have read this over and over, and then found your blog. Your brows look great, but the ends are shorter than I thought they were supposed to be. Is there a different way I can determine how to shape my brows, the starting point, ending point, arch, etc.? Thank you:)

    • Hello Christina! Yes, you are right, that is what most tutorials say: draw an imaginary line from the outermost edge of your nose, passing the outermost edge of your eye, and make your eyebrow end where it would touch that line. I agree that this often a great way to go about shaping your eyebrows, but it doesn’t always work. Just look at my picture and try to imagine my eyebrows ending allll the way there.It wouldn’t look right. My eyebrows would be way too long. My best advice is to stick more or less with what mother nature gave you. Don’t overpluck, and don’t make too many changes to where your brows naturally start and end. The most important thing is that your eyebrows look nice, neat and symmetrical, that you maybe clean up the shape a bit and that you get rid of stray hairs. If you find it hard to do this yourself, I suggest you go see a professional beautician. She can tweeze or wax your brows into their perfect shape, explain how she went about, and then all you have to do is a little maintenance work :-) Good luck!

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