Beauty spotlight & mini review | From sample to full size with Kibio, RoC, La Roche Posay, Clarins and Guerlain

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The make-up and beauty world is full of surprises and sometimes you make unexpected discoveries. Usually I am actively on the hunt for new holy grail material and I often search stores and the internet for new beauty must-haves. But every once in a while I stumble upon a new beauty marvel when I wasn’t even looking for it. It usually happens when I have been rummaging through my box of beauty samples again. Today I am giving you a list and a mini review of the last couple of samples of which I decided to buy the full-size version afterwards. Take a look at my five most recent miniature-sized beauty discoveries!

Beauty spotlight (from sample to full-size)

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Kibio ‘’Crème Intemporelle Mains’’ hand cream

An organic hand cream with shea butter and a lovely creamy texture that not only nourishes my hands but also smells wonderfully of oranges and cinnamon. And this hand cream gets absorbed almost instantly, which is a big plus. In Belgium you can find Kibio in some bio stores and in stores that sell natural skin care products (like for example Essenza) but here in Switzerland you find the French bio brand virtually everywhere. Cool!

Retail price: € 11,85 – 19,00 CHF

RoC Soft Smoothing scrub

RoC’s Soft Smoothing scrub is a gentle face scrub that will give you purified, soft and radiant skin. When I first tried the sample of this scrub, I immediately noticed that it didn’t turn my face as red as my usual scrubs do. But it still cleaned my pores, made my skin very soft and gave me a healthy glowing complexion. Only without the irritation. Plenty of reasons to buy this baby in its full-size version!

Retail price: € 12,15*

* So far I haven’t been able to find this scrub in Switzerland, so unfortunately I don’t have the retail price in CHF

La Roche Posay Nutritic 2,5%

When I started my roaccutane treatment in October of 2011, my dermatologist gave me a ton of samples of La Roche Posay’s Nutritic cream. With its 2,5% biolipids this cream does a great job compensating for the extreme dryness that roaccutane causes.  After my treatment I stopped using the cream, but now that we moved to a dryer (?) climate I have been getting dry patches again, both on my face and on my body. So I repurchased La Roche Posay’s Nutritic cream, and again it works wonders on my dry bits.

Retail price:  € 16,95 – 15,00 CHF

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

Finding a good facial self-tanner for my skin type is difficult. I have sensitive skin that has a tendency to get oily, and – much to my dismay – I have been noticing more blemishes and impurities lately. The last thing I want to do is put a greasy self-tanner on my face that will worsen all that. Luckily my skin tolerates this Clarins self-tanning lotion really well: it doesn’t irritate my skin, doesn’t turn my face into an oil slick and doesn’t cause me to break out. The texture is very runny, almost like a cleansing milk, so using this self-tanner is 100% dummy proof. The Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning gives my face a very natural-looking sun-kissed glow. A bit like after having spent the afternoon in the first summer sun. If you want more obvious results, you probably won’t like this product, but I personally think it’s great.

Retail price: € 22,80 – 38,00 CHF

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire eau de parfum

A couple of weeks ago I got myself a full-size bottle of La Petite Robe Noir, the already world-famous fragrance by Guerlain. When I first tried a sample of La Petite Robe Noire, I actually didn’t think the scent was right for me. I found it too heavy and overpowering. But the more I smelled and used it, the more I started to like this sensual perfume. I guess La Petite Robe Noire was a bit of acquired taste/smell :-) I have grown to really love this perfume with its black cherry, patchouli and rose. Plus, La Petite Robe Noire is one of the few perfumes that really lasts a long time on me.

Retail price: € 47,60 for 30 ml – 81,90 CHF for 30 ml

Do you often buy the full-size version of a product after having tried the sample?

62 thoughts on “Beauty spotlight & mini review | From sample to full size with Kibio, RoC, La Roche Posay, Clarins and Guerlain

    • There are different versions of it, depending on your skin type. There’s this one, the eau lactée, but there’s also a mousse version and a gel. Whichever one you pick, I hope you like it just as much as I do!

  1. Met staaltjes kan je veel proberen! Ik heb verschillende gelaatsverzorgingen voor oogcontour en rimpels en lifting en zo. Het zijn wel geen staaltjes want ik kreeg het cadeau en ‘t is van het merk DARPHIN, en made in France!Ik kende het voordien niet maar het zijn wel goede en aangename producten! Ze voelen aangenaam aan en ook de geur is goed!

  2. Whee I love samples! It gives you a good chance to try something out before committing to it full-size! The last thing I bought after trying out a sample is the Pai cream cleanser. I’ve used up 2 50ml bottles now, and just got a 100ml one. Call me an addict! Haven’t found anything else that works quite as well and fuss-free :) For me La Petite Robe Noir is also an acquired taste, but once I got into it I find it’s much easier to love other Guerlain perfumes too! It might have opened a very dangerous door here LOL

      • Haha apparently all Guerlain perfumes have this special component called Guerlinade in them. I used not to like ANY Guerlain perfumes, but after La Petite Robe Noir got me hooked now everything Guerlain smells pretty wonderful LOL

      • Really? I had no idea. Thanks for telling me, that is so interesting to know :-D Sneaky little people from Guerlain, trying to get us all addicted to their secret ingredient, tssss…

  3. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de self tan van Clarins. Heb al op verschillende sites gelezen dat hij erg goed is. Ik ben gek op proefjes, zo kan je nog eens wat uitproberen en als er iets fijns tussenzit dan koop ik meestal ook wel een fullsize.

  4. Meestal krijg ik samples van producten die ik niet wil proberen, of waar stoffen in zitten die ik niet wil gebruiken, maar soms kom ik zo een heerlijk product tegen dat ik echt wil hebben! Meestal is dat met parfums, maar ook met foundations heb ik het gehad :)

  5. yeees I love trying out samples first:) I like La Roche Posay products:) I’m currently using their Effaclar Duo face cream and I really like it

  6. The La Roche Posay Nutritic sounds really good! I love RoC – they have such great stuff and I love that the products seem to work, aren’t pricey, and are available at so many places. :)

  7. handig om het uit te proberen inderdaad ik krijg vaker van die sambal potjes met cremes erin.. zodat je ze eerst kunt uitproberen, super handig!!!
    die Guerlain lijkt me ook erg lekker!!

  8. I am for sure going to try the Clarins self tanner! I need something dummy proof and our skin types sound very similar. I’ve just stumbled across your blog, I like it!

  9. The RoC scrub sounds lovely, I know just what you mean about many other scrubs irritating your skin! Also, I know Clarins self tanners are supposed to be amazing, I’m glad to hear you’re loving it!

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