Nail polish spotlight | Snake skin leather nails with Dior

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Nail art and nail polishes with all kinds of crazy effects are totally hot these days. From caviar nails to fluffy manicures, it all exists and it’s all very cute. But today I felt like bringing out my inner rock chick, so I went for leather. Check out my snake skin leather nails!

Nail polish spotlight (snake skin leather nails) (1)

Click to enlarge | Without flash (left) and with flash (right)

I created this nail art (if I can call it that) without actually realizing it at first. I was going through my nail polish stash when my eye fell on my Dior Golden Jungle duo. I am sure you’ve seen it or heard about it: the gold and khaki-colored nail polish duo that creates a snakeskin pattern on your nails.

I often use the golden base coat on its own, but I never tried using just the top coat. Was that even possible? I really liked its dark brownish khaki color, so I decided to give it a try: I painted my nails with what is actually a snake skin crackle top coat that you normally use on top of another nail polish.

Nail polish spotlight (snake skin leather nails) (2)

After a few minutes I noticed that the first layer started to crack. Aha, so apparently that happened even without the golden base coat underneath it. Another layer. Again it started to crack, but this time the cracks were thinner and not so deep anymore. Third layer. Again cracks, but these ones were really very fine and subtle. I stared at my nails for a second, not really knowing what to think, and then decided that I actually really liked the effect. The result was subtle and very rock ‘n roll: I had snake skin leather nails! Cool!

Nail polish spotlight (snake skin leather nails) (3)

Working my jungle mojo, grrr!

Isn’t it funny how a bit of playing and experimenting can lead to such cool and unexpected results? I will definitely recreate this nail art again!

What do you think of these leather-look nails? Do you like nail art and nail decorations?

109 thoughts on “Nail polish spotlight | Snake skin leather nails with Dior

  1. That’s really cool! I love the effect, it looks a lot like actual leather :) Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. Just wanted to let you know that you can find a translation at the bottom of every post so you don’t have to figure out what the Swedish say ;)

  2. Waouh, génial ce vernis j’adore !!!! Merci pour ton commentaire et je pense que oui si tu as des petites impuretés tu ne seras pas déçue de la pâte grise, je l’utilise depuis mes 16 ans (donc bientot 7ans) et j’en suis toujours aussi contente !

    • Merci! Et oui, je vais voir si je peux commander la pâte grise sur l’internet. Si oui, je vais l’acheter tout de suite! J’espère que je serai autant contente que toi :-)

  3. Dat effect is echt heeel gaaf en je hebt zulke mooie nagels echt jaloers .. Ik heb hele slappe nagels dus vandaar dat ik bijna nooit echt lange nagels heb. Heb je daar misschien tips voor?

    xoxo Jessie

    • Mijn nagels waren vroeger ook heel breekbaar, maar sinds ik een versterkende base coat gebruik en mijn nagels goed voed met hand -en nagelcrème worden ze veel langer en zijn ze veel sterker. Probeer het eens! :-)

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