Preview | Le Petit Marseillais Huile Anti-Cellulite Tonifiante & Lait Fermeté Hydratant

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Less cellulite and firmer skin: it doesn’t take long to get my attention with two promises like that. Yes, I am pretty skinny, but most women know that you don’t have to weigh 100 kilos to get cellulite. And firmer skin? I’m sure that’s something we all want, especially with summer approaching. So! Less cellulite, more firmness, that’s the idea! And I’m going to try to turn that idea into reality with two new products by Le Petit Marseillais: the Huile Anti-Cellulite Tonifiante (in English: Firming Anti-Cellulite Oil) and the Lait Fermeté Hydratant (Firming Hydrating Milk).

Preview (Le Petit Marseillais Huile Anti-Cellulite Tonifiante & Lait Fermeté Hydratante) (1)

Le Petit Marseillais: Huile Anti-Cellulite Tonifiante

The Huile Anti-Cellulite Tonifiante is a firming anti-cellulite oil with star anise and essential lemon oil that makes the skin supple and soft. And according to Le Petit Marseillais it will also significantly reduce cellulite. For the best results you need to massage the oil into your skin twice a day. The whole idea is based on the beauty ritual of Mediterranean women. Apparently these women are all in some secret cellulite-free club and go through life totally firm and toned. Okay, where can I request membership??

 Le Petit Marseillais: Lait Fermeté Hydratante

This hydrating body milk with sesame oil, green tea and star anise will not only nourish the skin but, says Le Petit Marseillais, will also make it firmer. Again the idea is to apply this product both AM and PM for softer, firmer skin with more elasticity. I can’t wait to see the results. Normally I only use body lotion after showering, and I am kind of annoyed at the idea of having to apply two products twice a day, but hey, beauty doesn’t come cheap! :-)

I am going to get started with my two new Le Petit Marseillais products and I will report back to you in a few weeks with a full review of both products! Hopefully by then written by a super-toned and completely cellulite-free me ;-)

Preview (Le Petit Marseillais Huile Anti-Cellulite Tonifiante & Lait Fermeté Hydratante) (3)

The cellulite monster admiring a perfect beach derrière. No, (unfortunately) it is not my derrière. But maybe soon it will be!

Have you heard about Le Petit Marseillais’ new firming body products yet? How do you prep your body for summer?

66 thoughts on “Preview | Le Petit Marseillais Huile Anti-Cellulite Tonifiante & Lait Fermeté Hydratant

  1. Ik ken dit merk helemaal niet!

    Hoe ik mijn lichaam zomerproof maak? Nou eigenlijk doe ik niet zo heel erg veel. Ik probeer natuurlijk minder te snoepen, zodat ik gevoelsmatig strakker in mijn vel zit en vergeet niet om voldoende water te drinken om zo uitdroging te voorkomen. En veel smeren natuurlijk, omdat ik hier later geen hinder van wil hebben. Ik smeer soms wel eens zo’n zelfbruinende lotion op, want dat vind ik toch veiliger dan onder een zonnebank liggen te bakken!

  2. I didnt know about this stuff and brand, for some reason the packaging inspires me (I know it influences me so much when I have to buy new products:)) Kisses! xo

    • Same here, I don’t care what anyone says, but beauty is not just on the inside (of the bottle) ;-) What’s inside counts, but the packaging of a beauty product matters as well!

  3. Het klinkt heel erg goed, alleen ik geloof er nooit zo in, maar ben toch wel erg benieuwd naar de review en het resultaat. Van het merk heb ik wel eerder gehoord, maar geen idee waar het in Nederland verkrijgbaar is.

    • I don’t believe that there is a product out there that can magically make cellulite disappear, but I do believe that there are products that can help to diminish and maybe even get rid of cellulite over time. We’ll see how these two do!

  4. No, I never heard of this product! I put some weight on, so I think that would be a way to prevent the “monster” – or to fix what is already installed :) Thanks for the review! Denise

  5. LOL you cracked me up! I wasn’t aware Le Petit Marseillais is launching this line, but it looks promising! I for one really love their shower gels :) That cellulite monster is hilarious!

  6. Dat klinkt wel lekker! Ik prep mezelf niet echt voor de zomer, behalve door een nieuwe bikini te kopen ;) ik heb niet veel sinasappel en als het goed is gaan mensen niet zo goed naar de huid op mn kont kijken dus ik vind het wel goed zo ;)

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