Nail polish battle: L.A. Colors French Nail Pink versus O.P.I Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.

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Having at least one soft pink nail polish in my nail polish stash is a real must-have for me. I currently have about four in my collection and today I am letting two of them battle against each other: L.A. Colors’ French Nail Pink versus O.P.I.’s Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. At first sight they look very alike, but at just 1,49 euros the L.A. Colors nail lacquer is totally budget-friendly while O.P.I’s is almost ten times as expensive at 13,95 euros. Will the price of these nail lacquers determine their performance and therefore the outcome of this battle? Let the battle begin!


The color of both nail lacquers is a pretty soft pink and looks very similar both in the bottle as well as on the nails. French Nail Pink is a tad more pink than Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs., though, which has a little more white in it. I personally have a slight preference for the pinkest shade of the two, just because I think it looks prettier and more flattering on the nails. So the first point goes to L.A. Colors!

Battle (LA Colors vs OPI) 1

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Bottle & brush

The glass bottles look a bit different from one another, but both contain 15 milliliters of nail polish. O.P.I has a longer brush, though, and the bristles are more supple and spread out more. Because of that I find the O.P.I nail lacquer a bit easier to use. That’s one point for O.P.I.

Texture & coverage

The texture of each of these nail lacquers is definitely different. French Nail Pink’s texture is thicker which makes it a bit tricky to apply. O.P.I’s texture on the other hand is a lot runnier and therefore easier to use. Then again, O.P.I’s runny texture also causes it to provide less coverage than French Nail Pink. You need at least two and maybe even three layers of Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. before you get any decent coverage, while just one coat of French Nail Pink already looks pretty good. So in this round O.P.I gets a point for texture and L.A. Colors gets one for coverage.

Battle (LA Colors vs OPI) 2

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Application & finish

Against my expectations I like the finish of the L.A. Colors nail lacquer a lot more than that of the O.P.I nail lacquer. Light shades and pastels are often hard to apply evenly and without streaking, and that is also the case with both these nail lacquers. But with a bit of patience it’s definitely doable to make French Nail Pink look nice and even. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. I really tried my best, but I still ended up with streaking and unevenness. So L.A. Colors definitely wins this round.


At the moment L.A. Colors is one point ahead, but O.P.I. catches up in this last round by scoring high marks for longevity. French Nail Pink lasts a few days without chipping, but it definitely doesn’t like doing dishes or taking hot showers: when confronted with water and heat, it starts to flake. Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. on the other hands stays put for days and doesn’t seem to really mind the many nail-unfriendly things I do every day. So O.P.I scores a point for longevity.

The winner?

With a 3 to 3 tie it is clear that these nail lacquers are worthy opponents. Both have their strong and weak points: L.A. Colors’ French Nail Pink looks prettier color-wise, has much better coverage and provides a cleaner and more even finish. But O.P.I.’s Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. is easier to use and lasts a lot longer. If I would have to choose between both, I think I’d go for L.A. Colors. It is super cheap and I like the color better, and because of that I don’t really mind that it doesn’t last as long.

Which of these two nail lacquers would you choose? Do you own any soft pink nail polish?

64 thoughts on “Nail polish battle: L.A. Colors French Nail Pink versus O.P.I Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.

  1. I think i’d go with LA COlors as well as it sounds just as good as the OPI but at a bargain&I mean who doesn’t love a good bargain :P
    My favorite soft pink to date is Essie’s Mademoiselle it’s my go to for the pink bit in french manicures but it’s also a sheer pretty pink on its own.

  2. I love those nail polishes! Which product would you recommend that is good to strengthened your nails? Haha sorry for asking for recommendations, but you would know more than me :)

    • Hehe, no need to say sorry, I love to help out :-) Try Essie’s Grow Stronger base coat. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I really notice a big improvement. My nails are longer and feel a lot stronger, so it really seems to do what it says!

  3. Wow crap, het zijn gewoon twee druppels water joh! Dat had ik eerlijk gezegd niet verwacht, want in de flesjes lijkt die van L.A. Colors wat rozer. :) Nice battle!

  4. I might actually go for French Nail Pink! I prefer polishes that can look opaque more easily, even if it’s a nude! I used to own similar shades (an OPI and a Dior), but both have gone to different friends. They love and use them more than I do!

  5. LOVE the color on that polish:) but my alltime fav. nailpolish is Chanel.

    If you want to see a Cute spring fashion collection..check out my new post:)

    Have a great weekend dear:)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  6. I think it is good to have at least one bottle of soft pink nail polish in the stash. Which of these two nail polishes would I choose? I don’t know. Both are pretty!

  7. vind ze allebij prachtig en verdorie jij hebt mooie nagels! Mijn breke altijd af dus is het nogal moeilijk nagellakreviewtjes te doen haha :D

  8. Oh my gosh THANK YOU so much for showing this. Mimosas for mr and mrs is one of my favorite shades, though mine is a bit old now and getting a little discolored I think. I really have needed to cut back on makeup spending recently and knowing there’s a very similar dupe from LA Colors is just amazing :D

  9. Cute post! Have you tried OPI Mod About You or Butter London Teddie Girl? They might be up your alley! Both are whitened pinks with full coverage in 2 coats, and both lasted well on me. OPI Mod About You is one of my all-time favorites! It wore for 7 days the last time I wore it (last week) and the silver glitter gradient I did over it looked so pretty with the light pink!

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