Beauty spotlight: weekend beauty treats

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During the week things are usually so busy busy busy that everything has to go as fast fast fast as possible. But during the weekend there is more time for relaxation, and so that is when I pamper myself with few extra beauty treats. Here is a list of the things I add to my usual beauty routine in the weekend.


On Saturday or Sunday I treat myself to a good face and body scrub. Bye bye dead skin cells and hello rejuvenated and radiant skin! Afterwards I use an extra hydrating moisturizer and I use body butter instead of normal body lotion to really nourish and soften my skin.

Beauty spotlight (weekend beauty treats) (2)

Products: Laino peeling shower gel with coconut flakes – Yves Rocher facial peeling with apricot seed – The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla body butter – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel


One a week I use a face and hair mask. Right now Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior mask and L’Oreal’s Keratin mask are two of my favorites.

Beauty spotlight (weekend beauty treats) (3)

Products: LUSH Cosmetic Warrior mask – L’Oreal Pro-Keratin Refill mask

Hands & feet

Every weekend I take the time to give my hands and feet some TLC. That means scrubbing the skin, cutting and filing my nails, removing hard skin, and applying a thick layer of hand and foot cream before I go to bed. And the next day I add the finishing touch by applying some pretty nail polish!

Beauty spotlight (weekend beauty treats) (1)

Products: Rituals Yogi Secret foot scrub – Scholl nourishing cream for skin and nails – Yes To Tomatoes Tender Touch hand cream – L’Occitane Shea Butter Cuticle and Nail Cream

Do you add extra’s to your usual beauty routine in the weekend?

P.S.: Have a great weekend!

56 thoughts on “Beauty spotlight: weekend beauty treats

  1. I love the L’Oreal mask as well. I used to have Clinique’s dramatically different gel and I have used it up but I didn’t really like it. I didn’t feel like it did anything for my skin.

  2. Het masker van Lush lijkt me erg fijn! In het weekend doe ik ook meer kwa beauty, o.a even met de tanning spray over mijn gezicht, scrubben , maskertje en nagels opnieuw lakken en verzorgen! Heerlijk :)

  3. Happy weekend, girl! You’re so ready for the weekend! I do tend to bust a face mask and scrub out more often during the weekend as well! That TBS Spiced Vanilla lotion looks nice!

  4. Leuk dat je dit met ons deelt! In het weekend gebruik ik ook vaak een peeling en masker voor mijn gezicht en verzorg ik mijn haar ook extra met conditioner of haarmaskertje.

  5. Ik gebruik alle dagen een bodylotion!Ik verander al eens van merk:Nu is honey-touch van RITUALS mijn favoriet! Ook elke dag gelaatsverzorging van nivea (regelmatig andere) de handcreme van nivea met die koude winterdagen zeker 3x per dag.Ook de haren extra met een voedende haarbalsem!

  6. Hi Melissa it’s such a great thing to treat yourself on weekends! Before my little one was born, I used to have a relaxing bath as a “treat” on weekends besides my routine. But now… let me just tell you, we’ve moved in to our new apartment on November 28th 2012 and the bath tub has NEVER been used (yet)! how crazy is that! I’m sure that soon I’ll be able to regain that pleasure for me.

    • Are you serious? Girl, get yourself in that bath tub RIGHT now ;-) No seriously, though, I hope you get some more time for yourself soon. It’s important to pamper yourself every now and then, you deserve that.

  7. Such a cute entry! I love to do a little something extra once a week, too. I love a good body scrub but I just often forget to use one! When I do remember, I can’t believe how nice my skin feels. My favorite body scrub is Soap & Glory’s the Scrub of Your Life. I’ve actually repurchased it 4 times. As a bblogger, you know something is really good if you buy it more than once! :) I hope you had a great weekend, lady!

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