Review: a culinary adventure with Lush Cosmetic Warrior, Veganese and Porridge Soap

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big Lush fan. Lush products are natural and cruelty-free, look super cute and always smell lovely. And the people at Lush are geniuses at coming up with new and unique ingredients for their products. They created for example a shower gel with orange juice and tequila. Come on, how cool is that? But some Lush products also have less mouth-watering ingredients. As far as my personal taste goes, that is. Like a facial mask with garlic and fresh eggs. And a sea weed hair conditioner. And porridge soap. Not exactly ingredients that I find appealing. But unknown is unloved, so I went ahead and gave it a go. Let’s see how my culinary adventure went!

Cosmetic Warrior facial mask

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The Cosmetic Warrior mask contains garlic and fresh eggs, but also tea tree, Chinese clay and honey. These ingredients kill bacteria, tighten the pores, and deeply cleanse and heal the skin. The result? Even skin without acne. The texture of the mask is very nice. It’s thick, with little chunks here and there. I usually leave the mask on for ten minutes and I always find it a pleasant feeling. Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about the smell. Not that it stinks, but it’s not a very pleasant smell either. I have to admit, though, that the results do make up for the smell. The mask makes my skin feel nice and soft and really seems to revive it: after each use my skin immediately looks brighter, fresher and more even. But like I said, shame about the smell.

Veganese hair conditioner

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The Veganese hair conditioner is intended for people with fine hair (like me) and contains sea weed, lemon, lavender and rosemary to give your hair lots of shine without making it heavy. When I first used this conditioner, I immediately noticed the lemon scent and I just love, love, love it! It makes using the Veganese conditioner a moment of pure pleasure! The texture of it is less thick than that of my usual conditioners, and maybe that is the reason why my hair feels so light afterwards. My hair also has a lot more shine and looks a lot healthier than before now that I use this conditioner. There is no doubt about it, this is definitely a keeper.

Porridge Soap

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Because I always use regular shower gel in the shower and never a bar of soap, this soap with oatmeal, molasses, oat milk and coconut oil was new to me. It has tiny chunks in it that gently scrub my skin, but at the same time the soap has a noticeable softening and nourishing effect. So there is no need to scrub first and then use soap, because this bar of soap does it all at the same time. Cool! And against my own expectations, the scent of oatmeal and brown sugar smells absolutely delicious! Like!

Conclusion? I was pleasantly surprised by all three products, even though the ingredients in them didn’t really appeal to me at first. I especially liked the Veganese conditioner and the Porridge Soap. I will definitely repurchase both. The Cosmetic Warrior mask, the Veganese hair conditioner and the Porridge Soap are all available at Lush for respectively 11,65 euros, 21,85 euros and 4,75 euros.

What do you think? See anything you like?

45 thoughts on “Review: a culinary adventure with Lush Cosmetic Warrior, Veganese and Porridge Soap

  1. The cosmetic warrior facial mask seems like something I could use from time to time. I’ll make sure to check it out next time I’m near a Lush store.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try Lush, but still haven’t gotten around to it. I really like the sound of that face mask but don’t think I’d finish it before it expires :( I think the soap sounds good too but don’t use bar soap, so I think it would just sit forgotten in my shower. I want to try their new Gorilla perfumes :)

  3. Haha, porridge soap! That one looks like fun! The ingredients sound promising too. I normally use a shower gel, but I like the idea of mildly-exfoliating soap!

  4. Hm, zo jammer van de geur van het masker, dat is echt belangrijk he. Ik wil wel graag de Porridge Soap eens proberen, hoewel me dat toch even wennen lijkt als je altijd douchegel gebruikt.

  5. Je kan altijd van die Porridge Soap een douchegel maken he? Mascha van Beautygloss heeft daar een hele goede tutorial voor, die kan je gewoon zoeken op YouTube. Die heb ik twee maanden ofzo geprobeerd met Snowcake (zeep uit de Kerstcollectie) en dat lukte echt ontzettend goed. Ik denk nu ook niet dat het zijn scrubbend effect gaat verliezen omdat het zo’n kleine stukjes zijn. Haha, hopelijk had je wat aan mijn tip!

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