Make-up look: mother-daughter quality time

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie.

Before I left to Switzerland, my mom (better known as moeke or moekiepoekie) and I went out to dinner together one last time. Just mommy and me, no men allowed. And so while the men went to get Belgian fries, moeke and I went out for a nice dinner at the Netehoeve. And it was lovely, both the delicious food (pasta and tiramisu!) as well as the great mother-daughter time. Today I am showing you the make-up look I wore that night.

Make-up look (quality mother-daughter time) (1)

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Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Primer

MAC eyeshadow in Lucky Green

MAC eyeshadow in Humid

MAC eyeshadow in Free To Be

2B eyeshadow in 01 White

Yves Rocher Lash Plumping Mascara


NYX HD foundation in Sand Beige

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Pink Frosting

MAC Pro Set Powder


The Body Shop Vanilla Spice Shimmer lip balm


Dior Vernis nr. 207 Or Lumière Golden Light

Konad Nail Art

Make-up look (quality mother-daughter time) (2)

Do you like the look? Do you ever go out to dinner with just your mom?

59 thoughts on “Make-up look: mother-daughter quality time

  1. What a lovely look! You look stunning. I really like how you did your eye make-up! I don’t go out with my mom very often because I kinda lack the time (school, work, blog,…) but I really should do it more often, she’s the most amazing person in the world. Thanks for the reminder! :D

  2. The greens look stunning on you! I love going out to dinner with my mom. Since I’ve been studying in Leuven she’s been coming every now and then to grab a bite together. It’s a win-win situation, we have some quality mother-daughter time and I don’t have to pay for dinner ;)

  3. Awwww it sounds so lovely and I love the look (I love green so go figure)! I go home for around 2 weeks every year, and I do spend a lot of time with my mom then (otherwise we talk on Skype)!

  4. It sounds like a great idea to go out just with your mum! I have never done it, but we went many times to have a drink alone…
    I love the look in the whole! great accessories too. my favourites are nails and lips, this lipbalm looks very natural on you.

    • Het gaat wel. Soms krijg ik wel van die momenten waarin ik plots overspoeld word door gemis, maar dan stuur ik een SOS-smsje en even later zitten we dan te Facetimen :-) Dat helpt.

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