Beauty spotlight: my favorite MAC eyeshadow

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In my make-up stash you will find many different make-up brands, but as far as eyeshadow goes, 9 out of 10 times I’ll go for MAC. MAC’s eyeshadow collection is enormous and it has any color, finish and texture you could imagine. There is definitely a MAC eyeshadow out there for everyone.  In this series I will show you my 12 all-time favorite MAC eyeshadows. Get ready for part one of this three-part beauty spotlight!

Beauty spotlight (my favorite MAC eyeshadow) part I (2)

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From left to right:

Print: Dark grey with a satin finish. I like to use this color for a dark smokey look or a cat eye look. It’s the perfect alternative for black.

Deep Truth: Dark blue. A gorgeous royal blue shade. Deep, rich and intense. Lovely on its own or in combination with other colors.

Carbon: Deep matte black. For when it really really needs to be black! I use this color almost daily as an accent color, but also to create all black smokey looks.

Electra: Silver with a slight metallic sheen. Draws the attention to your eyes, makes them look bigger and is perfect for a festive party look.

Beauty spotlight (my favorite MAC eyeshadow) part I (1)

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Get ready for my next four favorites in part II!

52 thoughts on “Beauty spotlight: my favorite MAC eyeshadow

  1. Those are some daring colors there! My first MAC shadow is Humid, and it stays one of my favorites! I’m finally going to organize my makeup properly in my new IKEA ALEX (once the boyfriend builds it LOL), and I hope I’ll reach for my MAC palette more often! For the moment my everything is all over the place, so some stuff gets forgotten!

  2. Mooie ooglooks heb je ervan gemaakt, ik vind ze alle vier mooi, de laatste is lekker fris!
    Mijn eerste mac moet nog komen, maar ik ben geen oogschaduw gebruiker maar vind ze wel heel mooi bij anderen.

    • Ik draag echt élke dag oogschaduw :-) In oktober moest in een oogoperatie ondergaan en mocht ik een maand lang geen oogmake-up dragen. Een echte hel! De pijn kon me niks schelen. De make-up daarentegen… :-)

  3. Eek! I can’t wait to see what your other favorite MAC shadows are :) I really enjoy seeing your recommendations and favorites, along with swatches and makeup looks. Right when I read Deep Truth and saw that it was blue, I was reminded of my Deep End shadow by UD but that one is teal haha

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