Choose your look: Gossip Girl – Part II (Jenny & Vanessa)

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In the previous Choose Your Look I showed you Serena and Blair’s signature looks, and today we are having a closer look at Jenny and Vanessa. Again it is up to you to choose your favorite look!

Jenny Humphrey


While the other Gossip Girl girls always stayed more or less true to their style, Jenny underwent a massive transformation. Both on the inside as on the outside. In the first season of Gossip Girl she was a quiet, shy and well-behaved girl in a school uniform, but slowly she blossomed into a real fashionista with a unique fashion sense. Over time she started to add more rock elements to her style and started to act and dress in a more rebellious and dark fashion. With her clothing, her make-up routine also changed and her make-up style went from natural and girly to more dark and dramatic with a bit of a gothic feel. Jenny’s signature look is definitely dark smokey eyes with deep red lipstick or super shiny gloss. Her super long hair is usually loose and slightly messy, for a rebellious out-of-bed look.

Vanessa Abrams

Choose your look (Gossip Girl) (5)

Bright Brooklyn girl Vanessa started as an outsider in Gossip Girl, but now she has found her place among the pretty and preppy Upper East Siders. She always stayed true to her unique artistic side, though. Vanessa is a cool and creative girl, and that shows in her outfits. She isn’t afraid to mix and match, she likes bold colors, wears unique statement jewellery and often adds ethnic elements to her look. Her make-up always looks fresh and fairly natural: nude glossy lips, a bit of bronzer and highlighter on the cheeks and cheekbones for radiant skin, and soft eye make-up in earthy tones. Vanessa usually wears her hair down to show off her natural shiny and bouncy curls.

Jenny or Vanessa, whose look do you like best? Or do you prefer Serena or Blair’s look?

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