Choose your look: Gossip Girl – Part I (Serena & Blair)

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‘’You know you love me. XoXo. Gossip Girl.’’ Yeeeeees, I do love you, Gossip Girl! Bitchy Upper East Side girls and ambitious preppy rich boys that have no shame and stab each other in the back without thinking twice. Just to be BFFs again the next day. Love it! Gossip Girl is about scheming, betrayal, gossip and scandals. But also about true love and friendship. But it’s not just the drama that draws you in. One look at the amazing outfits that the leading ladies wear each episode is enough to be forever hooked on the show . And the make-up in Gossip Girl is amazing as well. In this first part of Choose Your Look we’re having a closer look at Serena and Blair’s look. And in part II we will be focusing on Jenny and Vanessa. It’s up to you to choose your favorite look!

Serena Van Der Woodsen

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Serena. Women want to be her (yes please, thank you) and men want her. Gorgeous blonde locks, endlessly long legs and a great set of boobs. It’s obvious that Serena is absolutely stunning. But don’t be fooled, because she’s not some dumb Barbie-type girl. She’s drop-dead beautiful, sure, but in a very natural and effortless way. It doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard. Serena is a wild and sometimes slightly reckless girl that isn’t afraid to takes risks. During the day her style is often boho chic or stylishly casual, but she also knows how to dress for a party. No one wears a tight mini dress or a plunging neckline like Serena does. Her make-up always looks radiant, but again in a very effortless way. As if she only spent five minutes on it. The look? A healthy glow on the skin, shimmery eyeshadow in taupe, brown or gold on the eyes, and subtle gloss or lipstick that enhances her own lip color.  Serena wears her hair either down in loose beachy waves, in a loose braid or pony tail, or in a messy updo.

Blair Waldorf

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Blair is the opposite of Serena. She always looks immaculate and she is always styled to perfection. She has an expensive taste and her style is classic, elegant and very feminine. Never vulgar or too sexy. Perfectly tailored designer dresses, elegant blouses, luxurious fabrics, expensive classic pumps, pretty head bands,… that is Blair. She is ambitious and willing to do anything to reach her goals. She knows what she wants and only perfection is good enough. And the same goes for her make-up: flawless porcelain skin, a pretty pink flush on the cheeks, and intelligently applied eyeshadow in natural beige and brown shades to add more depth to her eyes. And she always draws the attention to her gorgeous full lips with soft pink or red lipstick. Perfection. Blair wears her hair either down in perfectly styled loose curls, or in a sleek and chic updo.

Serena or Blair, whose look do you like best? Or are you waiting for Jenny and Vanessa’s looks in part II?

17 thoughts on “Choose your look: Gossip Girl – Part I (Serena & Blair)

  1. ik ga voor Blair! Hoewel ik serena haar looks vaak super vond! Ben ik een sucker voor blair! En ik vind haar stiekem ook leuker :D

  2. Haha, zo had ik het nog nooit bekeken. Blair is inderdaad het tegenovergestelde van Serena. Ik ben trouwens pro-blair. Ondanks dat ik blond haar heb, maar ik vind haar kleding net wat klassieker. God, nu wil ik die serie weer kijken.. mhprr.. mooie kleding.. mooie appartementen altijd.. en die make-up. WAUW!

  3. Oh beide prachtige dames met heerlijk hun eigen stijl! Ene keer ga ik weer helemaal voor Blake’s outfit en dan weer voor die van Leighton! Maar sowieso de make up is altijd geweldig! Ik vond Taylor Momsen in het begin van de serie ook een leuke stijl hebben!

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