Review: combating winter woes with Lush Ultrabalm

Review (Lush Ultrabalm) (2)


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It’s already February and almost ten weeks of winter already lie behind us, but the season is not over yet. Especially not here in Switzerland!  Normally that would mean that I would have to suffer from the annoying side effects of winter for at least a few more weeks. But not this year, because thanks to Lush’s Ultrabalm I enjoyed (and am enjoying) the harsh winter with silky soft skin. Continue reading to find out how.

We are not sexy and we know it

Or at least not in winter. Every year it’s the same story. My lips are dry, chapped and flakey. I continuously apply thick layers of lip balm, but after less than an hour my lips get all dry and flakey again. And my hands aren’t my best feature either during winter. They’re extremely dry, feel like sandpaper and turn an unhealthy-looking grayish color. Especially between my fingers it looks and feels bad.

But I am not the only one suffering from the nasty side effects of cold weather. My boyfriend has very sensitive skin and suffers from red patches on his arms, back and tummy throughout the whole year. It’s a combination of eczema and a mild form of psoriasis. If he doesn’t use extremely moisturizing body lotion daily, the patches get bigger, dryer and start crusting, which leads to my boyfriend scratching himself like a madman all day long. Usually applying body lotion daily helps, but sometimes it is still not enough.

Aren’t we a sexy couple! ;-)

Bringing sexy back: Lush Ultrabalm!

The Lush Ultrabalm is a natural balm that containts biological jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. Lush says it’s the perfect natural alternative for products that contain petroleum jelly and that it is great to use on extremely dry hands and heels, rough patches, chapped lips, dry elbows,… So basically everything that my boyfriend and I would like to get rid of!

Review (Lush Ultrabalm)

The Ultrabalm comes in a cute metal container and has a sunny yellow color. The texture is very light and smooth. Really like a balm. It is very easy to apply and gets absorbed quickly, meaning that it doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky layer. Good! The scent is fairly neutral, which my boyfriend likes a lot. I personally like products with a more present fragrance, but that doesn’t mean that the Ultrabalm’s ‘’regular’’ scent bothers me.


With the Ultrabalm my lips stay hydrated for hours and the skin on my hands feels a lot more nourished than when I use my regular hand cream. Even after washing, my hands feel a lot less dry and itchy than before.  And they look a lot better too (= no longer like the hands of a 85-year-old woman).

My boyfriend is also very pleased with the Ultrabalm. After just two days his eczema started to calm down and the itchiness and the urge to scratch disappeared almost completely!

We have both been eagerly using the Ultrabalm and so our 45 gram container is almost empty. But I definitely intend to stock up on Ultrabalm on my next visit at Lush!

The Lush Ultrabalm is available at Lush for 15,75 euros.

What do you do to combat dry winter skin?

28 thoughts on “Review: combating winter woes with Lush Ultrabalm

  1. Oh my, ik wist niet dat Lush dit had! Dat vind ik wel jammer, want de verkopers jagen mij altijd de winkel uit, terwijl ik gewoon rustig wil kijken, ondanks dat ik word geroepen door de brokken zeep! xD

  2. I have psoriasis so I can totally identify with your bf on this one! Plus my hubs and I just get dry skin overall during the winter. I’ll def. have to check this out next time I’m by a Lush store.

  3. Nice review Melissa! I’ve seen this on their site, but wasn’t sure whether to buy it or not. I have terribly dry skin on winter. I use lemony flutter from Lush on hands, elbows and knees, but it is really greasy, so I can only use it when I go to sleep. It’s good to know this one is not greasy!
    Currently I use a duo body butter from The Body shop, but when I’m finish with it I’ll give Ultrabalm a try

  4. Deze heb ik als sample en ik ben er ook echt van onder de indruk! Ik had 2 gescheurde mondhoeken en na 2 dagen ultrabalm zijn ze zo goed als volledig verdwenen. It’s a miracle! ;)

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