Big news: I am back!

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie.

The time has finally come. My boyfriend and I have arrived in Switzerland (a lot later than we had originally planned) and it is time to start beauty blogging again! Woohoo! We’re actually not quite settled yet: our moving boxes are standing here unopened in our small temporary apartment, all we have in the fridge are a few microwave meals and some coke, and we have a huge pile of paperwork and administrative stuff to do before the end of the weekend. But I couldn’t resist posting something. I promised to be back in February with the Kiss & Make-up beauty blog, and so here I am! And as you can see the blog got a style make-over as well as a new home here at WordPress!

I really look forward to start blogging again. If everything goes as planned, the first new beauty article will be online this Sunday. So see you then!

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put a delicious (?) ready-made spaghetti in the microwave and uncork a bottle of Chateau de Coca… Bon appétit!

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